“Songs to Tickle the Sorrow Bone.” A St. Patrick’s Day showcase in Austin at SXSW featuring Checkered Past Artists needed a standout poster.

Checkered Past Records
Copywriter: Erik Johnson
Art Director: Tom Cheevers
Agency: Precious & Few Are The Moments We Two Can Share
Checkered Past Records Campaign
Checkered Past Records is a music label of artists who nurture the “No Depression” Americana roots music genre. Tasked to create a 3-poster series promoting the wide variety of acts and recordings, I envisioned a campaign based on imagery that reflected the sorrow traditional blues music evoked.
Bad Memories
“Songs That Bring Back Memories. Bad Memories.” The images acquired from the Library of Congress Archive are curated from the Depression era. These epic images captured the mood the campaign was looking for.
“Happy? Optimistic? Emotionally Stable? Not for Long.” The best way to connect with the gut-punch of the blues is to experience that elusive relationship we all have with happiness. Or the lack of it.
“Not All of the Music is Depressing. Some of it Will Make You Sad.” You'd better have a sense of humor when creating raw, liberating blues.
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