Ellie is a prototype digital UV sterilizing pod. The fact that 3.4 million people, mostly children, die annually from water-related diseases is one of the driving forces behind this prototype Ellie technology.
Every one of these illnesses and deaths are preventable.
Drawing power from the sun and unleashing the germ-killing power of its TRUVIOLET technology, Ellie creates an on demand, point-of-use water purification system. Ellie is vital in countries and rural regions without a centralized water or electrical supply.

RayVio/Ellie Project
Creative Director: Paul Simón
Art Directors: Tom Cheevers, Russ Hoffman, Marie Murphy
Writers: Bem Jimmerson, Simeon Roane, Troy Asplund 
Agency: Liquid
A brief 2-minute video was created to demonstrate the ingeniousness of Ellie.
The Indiegogo effort raised 318% of its goal.
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