Copywriter: Erik Johnson
Art Director: Tom Cheevers
Agency: Precious & Few Are The Moments We Two Can Share

Copy: It starts innocently enough. A group of young people gather at the home of an absent parent. Then someone tunes the radio to KBOO (90.7 fm). As darkness falls, the room fills with the pulsing rhythms of the station’s sexually suggestive melodies. Soon all are rhythmically gyrating to the the lewd beat of Satan’s hellish heart. For some unlucky woman this living nightmare may end nine months later with an unexpected dance partner. For life. If this picture of moral corruption scares you, turn on traditional family values by turning off the most destructive force in America today: KBOO (90.7 fm) radio.
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Copy: With programs like “THIS WAY OUT” and “QUEER, QUEER WORLD”, it’s obvious what flag of pride KBOO (90.7 fm) is waving — and it’s not the Stars and Stripes. Your teenager may be listening to rock & roll one minute and the next is being hypnotized by subliminal homosexual recruitment messages. They call themselves gay but there’s nothing happy about seeing anyone sucked down the slippery slope of moral decay. The Sodomites at KBOO (90.7 fm) have violated our ears long enough. Straighten out, America! Resist KBOO (90.7 fm) and resist the devil’s desires.
Tag: Advertisement paid for by: The Coalition Of Intolerant Americans

Copy: The Constitution guarantees us the right to bear arms. But the gun-hating flower children who broadcast “REBALANCING JUSTICE” at the commune called KBOO (90.7 fm) want to storm into your house, reach under your bed and confiscate your firearms. Making our great nation vulnerable to Communists, Liberals and other destroyers of the American dream. Be proud of your convictions. Arm yourself with these bullets of truth and defend your family against this menace borne upon the airwaves. It’s time to put KBOO (90.7 fm) before the firing squad. Ready. Aim. Unplug KBOO (90.7 fm)!
Tag: Advertisement paid for by: The Coalition Of Intolerant Americans
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