The Resort at Paws Up Events​​​​​​​
Events at The Resort at Paws Up are multi-panel brochures that promote future events of food, music and recreation as well as newsletters that recap the great moments of their visiting experience.

Creative Director: Ann Titus/Larry Lipson/Tom Sweet
Art Director/Designer/Copywriter: Tom Cheevers
Photographer: Stuart Thurlkill, Dan Goldberg

Campfire Chefs and Campfire Stars brings together the best outdoor grill masters and bluegrass musicians for an unforgettable experience.

Inside the Campfire Chefs and Campfire Stars brochure, famed chefs and top-billed musicians’ bios are presented in chronological appearance.

Event Celebrations
Wrap-up brochures were sent to guests after the event highlighting the best moments of their visit, along with images of their family they’ll treasure forever.
Special Events
There’s more than just world-class dining, horse riding and cattle drives at Paws Up.
Internal Messaging
The mission and purpose of the Paws Up is expressed to deliver incredible experiences that reflect the value it places in each team member.
Paws Up Outfitters
Paws Up Outfitters is a guided pack trip that takes the adventurous via horseback deep into the Montana wilderness. I approached the solution by choosing a “field guide” brochure design that delivered a maximum amount of information visually. To create the “found wonder” of the Outfitters experience, Pabst Oldstyle is the primary font used throughout.

Creative Director: Larry Lipson
Art Director: Tom Cheevers
Copywriter: Tom Van Ness
Photographer: Dan Goldberg
The Fishing Field Guide demonstrates the variety of tools, techniques and the kind of trout you may encounter on the many legendary rivers of Montana’s Bob Marshall Wilderness.

The Game Guide is focused on attracting that elusive prey that drove you to the vast and bountiful Montana wilderness. It was a priority to feature the variety of arrow tips, camouflage and stalking options in an informative, playful arrangement.

The Wilderness Guide shows a few of the fish, bird, mammal and flower species that thrive in the Rocky Mountain Montana. playground.

Paws Up Outfitters needed a communication system that was worthy of its experience.

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