OneAir/OneSky Campaign Concepts
OneAir is a bold proposal: a new flying experience that is owned and proudly flown by the confederated Indigenous First Peoples of North America.

Client: Assignment
Copywriter/Art Director: Tom Cheevers
Instructor: Peter Yue

From the most unlikely of origin stories comes a flight experience you never expected.

This brand stands apart.

It’s flying at a different attitude.

An alternate view of the livery.

Log in and take off.

Making reservations is simple and intuitive. 

Your Flight Crew maintains altitude and a sense of style.

Promo campaign for Chicago to London.

Promo campaign for Dallas to Anchorage.

Promo campaign for New York to Los Angeles.

Promo campaign for Miami to Toronto.

The future of air travel could take us to those places few have visited.

The skies are not the limit for OneAir. There are destinations beyond.

Dream bigger.

I Am A Trans Ally Campaign Concepts

An empowerment campaign to unite, ally and protect equal rights for Transgender people.

Client: Assignment
Copywriter/Art Director: Tom Cheevers
Instructor: Kathleen Barnett

The message of being an ally can be placed anywhere and seen everywhere.

The message is simple. There’s noting complicated about being a Transgender ally. All you need is humanity, empathy and a capacity to love.

Just a simple message of support in the right place can make all the difference.

Qitchen Cookware Concepts
Qitchen was created as a state-of-the-art kitchen cookware manufacturer. The mission of Qitchen was to fuel our connection by the unifying power of shared meals.

Client: Assignment
Copywriter/Art Director: Tom Cheevers
Instructor: Peter Yue

Qitchen Gear (Prototype)

Qitchen Delivery Van (Prototype)

Qitchen Cookware Store (Prototype)

Resort at Paws Up | Campfire Stars

Copywriter: Brian Krumm
Art Director: Tom Cheevers
Creative Directors: Ann Titus/Tom Cheevers
Before Zillow and was the humble This campaign extolled a retro virtue of home ownership in a digital age.

Copywriter: Erik Johnson
Art Director: Tom Cheevers
Agency: March First

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